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Facts and Figures.

Power Plant


A Mopar (Chrysler) 600 CI B1 motor built originally by Dave Koffel in the USA but maintained by us with consultation from Kev Cerasale, Crunch and I.C.E Automotive.


Gas and NOS

The motor ran a single Holley Dominator type carb from BLP (1400cfm) running Methanol. In addition we have a multi point NOS injection sysem which can add 150-800 horsepower on top of the carb system.

Power Output

Upto 1800 horsepower depending on tune  
Upto 1500lbs of torque depending on tune  


27 Feet / 8.23m.

Designed and built by Geof Hauser and Jon Webster at Hauser Race Cars in England the chassis was maintained by Webster Race Engineering in Podington, England.

With a 262 inch wheelbase - total overall length 27 feet / 8.23M including wheelie bars.



Examples of Speed and Acceleration


0 - 60 MPH

Less than 1 second

0 - 150 MPH

4.50 seconds

0 - 200 MPH

6.90 seconds

G Forces

0 to +3.25 and - 1.5G in 6 seconds





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