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The Yellow is no more - It's now The Big Black Dragster. 2010.


Talbot Racing III - a.k.a. t'BYD - The Big Yellow Dragster

Pat with her new Talbot Racing paint scheme Easter 2003. Don't be fooled by the sunshine - it was incredibly cold. The first time she let any PINK on the car. ©Sharkman 2003.

Enough horsepower will spin the tyres if you put your foot down. . .That's warmed them up nicely. ©Sharkman 2003

And if you take enough horsepower and add a bit more with NOS it makes the car go like - up and at them . . We've cured that now. We've added wheelie bars - and of course more horsepower. © Sharkman 2003

More photographs are available on our history page. Thanks Sharky.

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